Momus — An anti-censorship image processing tool

Momus is a cross-platform image processing tool that designed to counter AI censorship on social media platform. Momus是一款用来绕过社交平台AI图片匹配的跨平台工具 Github: Download exe release: Monus uses SIFT(Scale Invariant Feature Transform)Continue reading



A simple implementation for using Zdns on a Web browser ( ZDNS is a command-line utility that provides high-speed DNS lookups. ) Github: Although authentication is implemented, it’s stillContinue reading


SON algorithm for Frequent Itemsets

Python3 implementation of : Randomized Algorithm (Chapter 6.4.1) Savasere, Omiecinski, and Navathe (SON) Algorithm (Chapter 6.4.3) Originally described in Book Mining of Massive Datasets. Book is available online: DatasetsContinue reading


CF-Cannon V2

Github Link CF-Cannon V2 is a tool written in python to perform layer 7 stress tests on your own server. V2 version enables distributed attack on each node with penetrationContinue reading


Page Rank Algorithm

Following codes are used for Big Data Assignment 2: Given the Google web graph: File Format: Three modes are written in this script: Graph Mode: Use NetworkX and GraphContinue reading

Hack machine Assembler

A simple implementation of assembler for hack machine language in C++   Github: See : Compile: g++ -g -std=c++11 -Wall -pedantic -o main.out *.cpp   run: ./main.out test.asm will generateContinue reading

Linux Make in C

modifedTime.h #ifndef MODIFIEDTIME_H #define MODIFIEDTIME_H #include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/stat.h> time_t modifedTime(char *path); #endif /* MODIFIEDTIME_H */ modifiedTime.c modifiedTime以time_t返回文件最后一次修改的时间 #include “modifedTime.h” #include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/stat.h> #include <time.h> time_t modifedTime(char *path) {Continue reading


最近收到全球域名以后想做一个对应的ip list方便用Zgrab扫描 CSV格式: domain,”date added”,”NS servers”,”IP address”,country 用python预处理为一行一个域名: import csv with open(“all.csv”) as cfile: reader = csv.DictReader(cfile) f = open(“all.list”, “w”) for row in reader: print row.get(“domain”) f.write(row.get(“domain”) + “\n”)Continue reading


未经许可转载本帖将视为同意按100元/字支付稿酬 本文已授权在T00LS发布: 1. 安装Zmap yum install zmap git wget   如果提示找不到zmap请自行添加最新的源 CentOS6: yum install   CentOS7: yum install   2. 安装Go 因为yum install不一定能下到最新的go,所以建议手动安装。 wget tar -C /usr/localContinue reading

ShadowSocks go mu + ss panel 添加节点

之前布置Panel+ss后台的时候遇上了不少麻烦 现需要在一台CentOS 7.2的机器上布置ss go mu并使用web api方式连接一台已经配置好的机器,通过redis授权。 首先 [code language=”bash”]yum install go screen git curl redis emacs[/code] 设置Go path: [code language=”bash”]export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin export GOPATH=~/.go[/code] 安装ss go mu: [code language=”bash”]go get reading

ShadowSocks 注册

1.点击左上角ShadowSocks (或者直接点击下面的注册码)。 2.按要求注册 (新用户初始10G流量 每日签到随机50M~100M流量)。 3. 在设备上安装客户端 (IOS端推荐Wingy,或者其他任何支持ShadowSocks的App),Win/Mac有提供下载,Linux/Android 可在首页点击客户端下载(需翻墙)。 4.节点列表找到HK,点击进入后内有二维码,扫一扫 上网~ Windows/Mac下也可直接扫描本机屏幕上二维码自动配置。   邀请码点这里   Win/Mac客户端在此: Windows客户端         Mac客户端     更多客户端请访问:Shadowsocks.Org (需翻墙)     如需大流量请联系本人 欢迎捐赠:1FGb7uZoLUixERf2e9fQPHsiTGGwhz3kW5    Continue reading