CF-Cannon V2

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CF-Cannon V2 is a tool written in python to perform layer 7 stress tests on your own server.

V2 version enables distributed attack on each node with penetration of the UAM page and can be (theoretically) deployed on infinite machines.

Disclaimer: Please make sure all your tests are legal and with the consent of relevant parties as I won’t be responsible for any consequence caused by this script.


apt-get update 
apt-get -y upgrade 
apt-get install build-essential nodejs python-setuptools 
apt-get install -y python-pip 
pip install demjson Flask pycurl

Run: (On each node)


Then use any third party API Tester: (i.e

POST a JSON request to path written in (Default: /attack)

	"T": 8,
	"charset": "utf-8",
	"is_protected_by_cf": false,
	"keywords": "welcome",
	"path": "/index.php",
	"peerCount": 300,
	"threadCount": 10000000,
	"url": ""

Set ” is_protected_by_cf ” to true only if you see this

After sending a POST request, you’re supposed to see this:

Failed means your node has no access to the target (keyword not found). It can be caused by:

  • You have already taken it down (Success)
  • Wrong keyword on page or path can’t be found
  • Your IP/Machine is on the blacklist
  • Any other reason that may cause you to have no access to a certain page

Success simply suggest target web page still functions normally

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  1. Hello,

    I was asking me how to add multible nodes?
    And can host be a Domain?

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